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We at Freshcode create a lot of cool things: from service for detectives from the USA to the Data Science platform for vaccine clinical trials; from Eurovision vote counting software to logistics startups and CRM. Here are some examples.
Projects briefs
Utility Billing & Payment System
The United Kingdom
The application facilitates utility broker integration with large electricity and gas suppliers. The system enables efficient end-user registration with utility suppliers as well as account management and bill payments.
Technologies: Vue, Firebase, Quasar, Google Cloud (Firebase, Firestore)
Social Network for Educators
A close community for specialists building EdTech businesses. This social network is designed for users’ communication and interaction, and the promotion of information about educational companies.
Technologies: Vue, Node.js, MongoDB, Express.js
Lifescience Analytics Software
Data Science/Bioinformatics software product for pharmaceutical companies and laboratories that analyze biomarkers needed for drug development and disease research.

The framework-based system is composed of modules delivering a rich set of functionality. It allows scientists to:
— launch other sub-applications built with R
— visualize data with graphs and tables
Technologies: Clojure, Clojurescript, core.async, reagent (react wrapper, hiccup), spec.alpha (writing specs), cljsbuild, figwheel, tinkergraph gremlin, compojure server, honeysql, clojure.test, R code
Kubernetes Management Platform
Cloud costs optimization tool with predictive maintenance costs options. The platform analyzes ways to perform work at the lowest possible cost and uses Kubernetes as cost-efficiently as possible by finding mismanaged resources and reducing waste.
Technologies: Golang, NodeJS/Go, Postgresql, VueJS, Typescript, Swagger, Material-UI, Storybook
Logistics Management System
Project intend to implement the benefits of logistics digitalization and simplify the global trade process. The client’s company creates scalable and seamless logistics solutions to improve supply chain management for app users.

A single interface for customers allows handling every step of supply management processes: from order fulfillment to final supply chain analytics.
Technologies: Golang, NodeJS/Go, Postgresql, VueJS, Typescript, Swagger, Material-UI, Storybook
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